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About Us

The solutions offered by THE BABIES SECRET are complete, modern and of extreme confidence allowing parents to make their dream come true of parenthood with full professionalism.

In the past, human birth was marked by the experienced presence of the women in the family: older sisters, aunts, mothers and grandmothers accompanied, instructed and supported the partner and new mother throughout the labor, the birth itself and the care of the newborn.


Currently, births take place in a hospital environment and surrounded by specialists: the obstetrician, the nurse, the pediatrician... each with their own specialty and relevant technical concern. The care for the mother's emotional well-being ended up being lost in the impersonal environment of hospitals, tending to increase the fear, pain and anxiety of the one giving birth and consequently increasing obstetric complications and the need for further interventions.


The doula came precisely to fill this gap, supplying the demand for emotion and affection at this moment of intense importance and vulnerability. It is the rescue of a practice that existed before the institutionalization and medicalization of childbirth care, which is now being encouraged with scientific support.


The results of doula support have brought surprising insights into the reduction of interventions and obstetric complications, as well as facilitating the bond between mother and baby in the postpartum period.


THE BABIES SECRET besides providing Doula Support, work with parents and childcare providers in solving sleeping problems in children’s with our Sleep Training Consultant and coaching nannies to thrive in their profession through courses were nannies will be able to grow their businesses and obtain more knowledge in their area. We are passionate about elevating childcare!


Our Story

Bete Pessoa founder of The Babies Secret

Bete Pessoa has been working with children since she was 14 years old. She got her Childhood Education Certification in 1998 and she started working as a licensed teacher right away. After getting her teacher credentials she decided to go deeper in her studies and got her BA in childhood Education and graduated in Pedagogy in 2003. By that time, she was a manager in the Preschool she worked at and was helping teachers and parents with the school’s curriculum.

Bete is originally from Brazil and moved to the US in 2004 as an Au Pair. She learned a lot about American culture and she decided she wanted to be the best childcare provider out there. She went on to study Learning Disabilities at UC Berkeley. She loved being a nanny and she got Certified in Positive Discipline Parent Educator through Positive Discipline. After many years as an Executive Nanny Bete decided to become a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula and got her certification through Childbirth Professional International. She also got basic training in breastfeeding. Bete is also a Certified Sleep Trainer Consultant through CQ Wellness School and she turned into a  Nanny Coach helping many others to become great nannies and turning their nanny business into a super professional and profitable business. 

In her spare time Bete enjoys reading, playing with her two Yorkshire Terriers, spending time outdoors or at the beach.


The Babies Secret

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