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“Nothing better than spending an entire morning staring into my baby daughter’s eyes, whispering, “I can’t do this.”

                                                                                                                         -Ryan Reynolds

We offer various services starting before birth with our Doula packages until toddler years with our amazing Daycare in Mill Valley.

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We hold the vision of heaven on earth.


That each baby born is fully welcomed, rooted, safe, nourished, protected, and knows its divine worth.


As a doula, I hold the vision for a new earth, a new way to experience birth. One that is not based in fear, one based in compassion, reverence and providing the highest quality of information and care so that the family of the child has the best experience and feels well-informed and prepared.


I hold the vision for a birth that centers the Mothers wishes. That includes the Partner’s insights, prioritizes the baby’s needs and is the most soothing and trauma free it can be.


We must remember… The children are the ones who will inherit this earth!


I pray they all know that whether laughing or crying they are a precious creation, a precious life, a precious heart, a gift from source. Beating, pulsing, alive part of this web of life, an essential key to all of us thriving and staying alive.


Bless this new generation. May you all THRIVE!” - Unknown author

Bete began her doula journey in hopes to provide families with a calm, reassuring presence during their transition into parenthood. She wants families to follow their intuition and trust themselves during their birth and the postpartum period. While normalizing their experiences and discussing individual fears — she’ll keep it real with you and provide the necessary information to help figure out what feels right. 

Bete is committed to finding the beauty and balance between deep-rooted human needs and modern technology; she wants to collaborate with hospitals when needed, while remembering that our bodies are built for birth.

Supporting and empowering new families as they transition into a growing family is her deepest desire. Bete gives guidance in early pregnancy, welcoming baby home, breastfeeding support, infant sleep hygiene, and nurturing individual family philosophies.

Bete leads with a gentle, caring approach to her clients and their families as they welcome and embrace their new baby.


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